Anagomeshi – plump,
tender conger eel grilled to its skin crispy


conger eel rice, comes with soup and
Japanese pickled vegetables

Prepared with traditional sushi techniques
We created a new style of Anagomeshi from plump, tender, charcoal-grilled conger eel.

  • Deluxe / ¥1,900tax in
  • Super deluxe / ¥2,100tax in

Anagomeshi – Tender,
grilled conger eel specially
prepared to melt in your mouth


conger eel rice, comes with soup and
Japanese pickled vegetables

Plump, charcoal-grilled conger eel with Kimuraya’s special sauce
Specially prepared to melt in your mouth

  • Deluxe / ¥1,900tax in
  • Super deluxe / ¥2,100tax in

Anagomeshi – Grilled and unseasoned (Sirayaki)
to maximize
the pure taste of conger eel


conger eel rice, comes with soup and
Japanese pickled vegetables

Enjoy the pure sweet and savory flavor of conger eel
Perfect with wasabi and soy sauce

  • Super deluxe / ¥2,100tax in

Owner’s choice

Limited quantities

Anago Shirayaki
Unseasoned grilled
conger eel

Shiroyaki, in which the conger eel’s skin gets baked to crispness over charcoal, brings out the purest flavor. Please enjoy with salt or wasabi and Hiroshima’s local sake

  • ¥1,300tax in

Owner’s choice

Anago Tareyaki
Conger eel grilled with
special sauce

Conger eel for Anagomeshi we use is carefully grilled over Bincho charcoal (high-grade charcoal produced from ubame oak) with our special sauce made by adding fresh conger eel broth into our specialty soup stock each day. Please sprinkle Japanese pepper “Sanshou” to taste.

  • ¥1,300tax in

Takeout only

Anagomeshi bento
Conger eel rice
in a lunch box

We prepare <Red> Anagomeshi by grilling plump conger eel over charcoal while basting it with Kimuraya’s special sauce. You can enjoy this deliciously smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture whether dining in, taking out, or bringing home as a souvenir

  • Deluxe / ¥2,000tax in
  • Super deluxe / ¥2,200tax in
  • * Takeout only
  • * Bento box is only available in <Red>.

We accept reservations by phone
from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm082-258-4877

Draft beer [Kirin Ichiban Shibori] (Medium size) ¥500tax in
Bottled beer [Asahi Super Dry] (medium bottle) ¥550tax in
Non-alcoholic beer [Asahi Zero] ¥400tax in
Hiroshima Highball (whiskey and soda) with lemon ¥500tax in
Orange Juice ¥250tax in
Oolong Tea ¥250tax in

Hiroshima local sake [cold sake]

“Ugo no Tsuki” [from Kure] ¥780tax in
“Kamotsuru”[from Saijo] ¥780tax in

Restaurant information

  • 〒730-0051 1-1-10 Otemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima PrefectureGoogle MAP
  • Business hours /
    10:30 am - 4:00 pm
    Irregular holidays
    (Open daily except otherwise noticed)
  • 25 seats available (counter: 5 seats, table seats: 20 seats)
  • 082-258-4877*You can reserve seats and Anagomeshi bento box by phone