Made with love for my
children and my parents

Anagomeshi (conger eel rice) , a Hiroshima specialty, has more than 100 years of history
Kimuraya, the main store takes on new challenges, in this place where world heritage sites stand

We prepare dishes with love just like preparing meals for our children and parents
This is what my father, a sushi chef, taught

Offering customers meals as delicious as possible is our motto
We use only the best ingredients and devote a great deal of time and effort to cooking

For your satisfaction
We’ve created a new flavor by blending an old time Hiroshima classic with traditional Japanese sushi-making techniques
We hope the memory of your experience lasts forever and that you return to visit us again

MenuPrice (tax included)

■ Anagomeshi〈BLACK〉[conger eel rice, comes with soup and Japanese pickled vegetables]

  • Deluxe / ¥1,900
  • Super deluxe / ¥2,100

■ Anagomeshi〈RED〉[conger eel rice, comes with soup and Japanese pickled vegetables]

  • Deluxe / ¥1,900
  • Super deluxe / ¥2,100

■ Anagomeshi〈WHITE〉[conger eel rice, comes with soup and Japanese pickled vegetables]

  • Super deluxe / ¥2,100

■ Anago Shirayaki -
Unseasoned grilled conger eel¥1,300

■ Anago Tareyaki -
Conger eel grilled with special sauce¥1,300

■ Anagomeshi bento〈RED〉–
Conger eel rice in a lunch box [Takeout only]

  • Deluxe / ¥2,000
  • Super deluxe / ¥2,200

Selected ingredients

Domestic conger eels purchased
from a trusted
fish broker

We only use selected domestic conger eels which we’ve been purchasing from the same fish broker for over 30 years. Since conger eels migrate, their best harvest area changes with the seasons, and with his many years of experience, our broker selects only the highest quality conger eels. Their expertise also forms a vital ingredient in our recipes.

Special sauce which brings out the natural
flavors out
of the ingredients in food

We use a special sauce recipe inherited from my father, a sushi chef. We make this sauce by adding fresh conger eel broth into our specialty soup stock each day. We then grill the conger eel again and again with this sweet, spicy, and refreshing sauce to bring out the richest possible flavor. You can fully enjoy the flavor of conger eel with delectable rice cooked in conger eel soup stock.

Our commitment to cooking

Traditional techniques and attitudes unique to

sushi chefs

The anagomeshi at the Kimuraya main store is supervised by the head chef who has more than 20 years of experience as a sushi chef. We utilize his experience and delicate sushi techniques which bring out the full flavor of the ingredients to make excellent Anagomeshi. His father, who was also a sushi chef, taught him not only special techniques but also the attitude necessary to make dishes to the best of his ability. We prize his dedication to delivering meals of the utmost quality to each customer who walks through our door.

To deliver a new flavor of conger eel

Three types of Anagomeshi (conger eel rice) [Black] Plump, tender conger eel with a full flavored sauce grilled over charcoal [Red] Tender, grilled conger eel specially prepared to melt in your mouth [White] Grilled and unseasoned (Sirayaki) to maximize the natural taste of conger eel. We specialize in bringing out different flavors from conger eel using different cooking methods for your enjoyment. Please discover your favorite flavor.


We offer a new Anagomeshi using traditional techniques in our head chef’s hometown
where he was born and raised
We carefully prepare meals by using fresh and higher quality conger eels
Please visit us and try some of our specialties
Owner Souji Kimura


Restaurant information

  • 〒730-0051 1-1-10 Otemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima PrefectureGoogle MAP
  • Business hours /
    10:30 am - 4:00 pm
    Irregular holidays
    (Open daily except otherwise noticed)
  • 25 seats available (counter: 5 seats, table seats: 20 seats)
  • 082-258-4877*You can reserve seats and Anagomeshi bento box by phone

Our measures against COVID-19

To our customers:

  • Please wear a mask.
  • All our staff wear masks.
  • Please use hand sanitizer at the door.
  • Please refrain from talking loudly in the restaurant.

We reserve the right to refuse service to those who do not comply with our guidelines.
Restaurant owner